The Song of Sea Lions and Other Animals in our Yard

Not too long ago we were inside and heard this curious sound we couldn’t identify. . . we walked out the front door and were greeted by the loud barking of sea lions!  Of course, we rushed down the trail to the beach to see just how close they were.  Turns out there were three groups of sea lions frolicking in the water close by.  We could see them hanging out with  one flipper out of the water, and watch them splashing around.  The sea gulls were out in force to see what the heck all that noise was about. What fun!

deer with border The sea lions didn’t actually make it to our yard, but we have had our share of creatures checking out Ahoy Guesthouse, including an otter that      once turned up on our front doorstep! Too bad we keep missing these photo ops.  The deer and racoons come pretty frequently though so we  have managed to catch them on film a few times: backyardracoon_2013