COVID-19 Update

Unfortunately due to all the uncertainties related to COVID-19, and our need to keep our family, island neighbours, and guests safe, we have made the difficult decision to close Ahoy Guesthouse until we feel it is safe to reopen. This may not be until 2021.

We will miss hosting guests – its always a pleasure to meet so many interesting and lovely people from around the world. We very much look forward to reopening when we can.

Airbnb rocks!


Hanging out at our favourite Airbnb place in Martinique!

During our first summer as hosts, we also got our first experience as guests through Airbnb during a jaunt to Seattle. There were so many choices of places to stay!  We ended up choosing the Coocoo’s Nest, a lovely studio apartment with a nautical theme.  Karen, our host, was wonderful and gave us all kinds of pointers about where to go and what to see.  We were impressed (and we would highly recommend her place).

Then last Fall we had the opportunity to stay at a cute little barn-like cabin on Saltspring Island. Very romantic and funky with a cozy fireplace.  Another hit so when we planned a month-long trip to Martinique, we decided to use Airbnb to find our accommodation.

Booking for a full month with a number of intended destinations gave us the chance to really learn about how the Airbnb booking system works from the guest perspective. It took us a while to get the hang of it, especially sorting out what places were already taken in a given town and time period, but once we got used to it the system worked well. We had a host cancel on us and Airbnb provided fast, friendly, and helpful service and even gave us credit to book a different place for slightly more than we had originally paid. In the end, we were able to book a range of experiences including a studio in a former resort hotel, a 40 foot yacht (the hands-down favourite!), a cute bungalow recently built as a vacation rental, and a ground-floor suite with a very cheery host who helped us discover Martinique’s amazing Carnaval.

While there were things we liked and disliked at each location, overall each place was quite well equipped and communication with the hosts went smoothly.  We had a great time and saved money as well.  And we came home with ideas of little things that we can do to make Ahoy Guesthouse even better for our own guests!

We loved our outdoor dining room with a view

We loved our outdoor dining room with a view in Sainte Anne.