Time flies – can’t believe we are prepping for our 4th summer season!

AhoyGuesthouse2013Its been a little under three years since we first opened in May 2013 with excitement and a little apprehension about what was going to happen.  We decided to open on quite short notice and accomplished a ton of work to do so. Our first challenge after opening was the fridge dying within the first few weeks – so much for buying used. We had to quickly replace it with the only other type of full fridge that would fit in the space we had for it.  Challenges like these continued as in any business but we were able to meet them and improve the space along the way. Over the years, guest feedback and our own travel experiences has had us enhance the space for guests. We have added kitchen items such as a crockpot, blender, etc. and other useful items such as spare sheets, hair dryer, more games and DVDs.  We have added a screen on the patio door and created more privacy by adding a blind on the living room window and a privacy screen on the door.

Barnacled ClamshellBut the real learning has been in discovering just how much fun it is to meet people from all over the world and share our beautiful little island community with them.  Each year we have had a variety of guests from solos to couples to families and groups of friends. Some have been here for quiet and reflection, some to visit friends and relatives, and many are here to explore and experience island living.  There have been many highlights including watching our daughter interact with Flemish speaking kids using google translate and mime, witnessing the enthusiasm of guests seeing starfish and other sealife for the first time, listening to kids playing happily in our backyard while their parents relaxed, chatting and sharing stories, and many many more.

The continued positive reviews from all of our guest is incredibly gratifying and definitely keeps us going. Check some of them out on our testimonials page.

We are looking forward to another great year!