Thanks for a wonderful First Summer Season

photp of a woman installing a curtain rod at Ahoy Guesthouse

Cory installing curtains

Well the rains and storms are here and summer is well and truly over. It is time to take stock of the first four months hosting guests at Ahoy Guesthouse. We are very pleased that, despite the fact that we decided to open only a little more than a month before our June 1st opening, we managed to create a comfortable and fully stocked guest unit that was much appreciated.  It is exciting to have been very busy over our first season; big thanks to islanders and friends who have helped us pass the word along. We certainly wouldn’t have been as successful without loads of support from neighbours, friends, and family.

Swimming with the grandkids

Swimming with the grandkids

Guests have consistently given us very good reviews. Many have commented on how they felt right at home the moment they walked in.  While we continued to add supplies – and a new fridge – in response to guest comments and our own observations, guests really seemed to feel that they had access to all the items and information that they needed.  Each guest party wanted something slightly different from their experience. Some wanted a peaceful escape from “real life”, some just needed a bed to lie down on after attending weddings or other social activities with islanders, and others wanted to interact with us a little more and learn about island living.  We did our best to meet these diverse needs and, judging by the reviews, it seems that Ahoy Guesthouse was able to be all of those things.  We sure had fun meeting everyone and sharing our island with them.

In closing, thanks so much to everyone who helped make Ahoy Guesthouse a great place to stay at this summer, to friends and neighbours who referred people to us, and to our guests whose friendliness and enthusiasm were a pleasure.

Protection Island Fall Fair is this weekend!

This little island that takes only an hour to walk around has a fantastic fall fair.  Very old fashioned with produce & food judging, arts & crafts displayed and for sale, apple juice & ice cream making, and kids’ races like the fun, but sometimes dangerous, 3-legged race.  All of this is topped off with a barn dance with live music from talented island musicians. The best part about the event though is the celebration of community and island life. Of course, there is also the pride that comes with winning a ribbon!

This event takes place at Beacon House at the south end of the island. The doors of Beacon House will be open to the general public to view all the entries at 12:00 noon (after the judges have finished evaluating the entries). Also, at noon several island vendors will be selling their wares on the back lawn of the Beacon House along with island library volunteers who are selling books. Kids’ games start at 1:30pm.  The dance starts at 7:30pm and has very limited space available due to fire regs; advance tickets are required.


Concert on Thursday

There is a great concert coming up on Protection Island this Thursday evening (Sept. 12th) featuring four different acts:

  • Blue Sky Miners
  • Running Red Lights
  • John Pippus
  • John Gogo (an island resident)

The show is at Beacon House which is our community hall at the south end of the island.  Doors open at 6pm (come early and socialize) and the music starts at 7. The show is over by 9:30 in time for town folks to catch the 10pm ferry leaving PI.

Tickets are $15 per adult (kids under 12 free). Contact us on the reservation inquiry page for information about obtaining tickets.